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That is my plan in order to minimize the amount of air that gets in the line. I just don't want to end up without brakes.

Just in case I do have a problem, would there be a way to manually activate the pistons with a jumper wire or anything? I assume feedback from the wheel speed sensor indicating that the wheel is locked would trigger the ABS into operation.
not that I know of....when you get an abs code the whole system shuts down so it doesn't matter if you lock it up or not. The abs won't come on. I haven't found any work arounds to it either....you have to cycle those valves with a tech 2 as far as I know right now. There's also (at least on my truck) another sequence in the bleeding that you have to do with the block that requires a special tool. Actually, it requires 3 of those special tools but you can make those at home evidently. I haven't gotten that far yet.