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Old-skool 350 Q's

This is a discussion on Old-skool 350 Q's within the Classic Muscle forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Since I know you guys are the gods of all things automotive, I have some questions. All of these pertain ...

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    Old-skool 350 Q's

    Since I know you guys are the gods of all things automotive, I have some questions. All of these pertain to a pre-'85 small-block in a regular-cab '99 S10. Said truck is taking up most of a 20X30 garage, and I'm itching to put it back together.

    1. How do identify the flywheel I need? I have the old one.

    2. How do I tell if I have a short or long water pump? Anybody have any length measurements?

    3. The biggie...I got the truck with a Turbo 350 tranny. I'm a manual-trans kinda guy, and I would like to put a T5 in it. I've got a source for the transmission, but what else would I need to complete the swap? What parts have to be changed, besides the obvious flywheel?

    And on the off-chance that someone HAS a T5 laying around, I'd really like a measurement from the front of the bellhousing to the center of the shifter, and from the center ouf the tailpiece hole to the top of the shifter.

    You guys rock! help!


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    1. T5's were fairly abundant in the 3rd gen F-bodies. I'm fairly sure you could use a flywheel from one of those...steel, billet, or aluminum depending on your planned usage of the truck.

    2. Not sure about measurments, but you can usually tell by looking at it...notice the long pump would sit farther away from the timing cover.

    3. As far as installing the manual in the auto equipped truck...You'll have to;
    -Hang the pedals (obviously)
    -Depending on your clutch setup (manual or hydraulic) I can't remember
    what the T5s are. You'll have to hang a master cylinder on the firewall,
    and drill the hole for the rod to go through to the clutch pedal.
    -You may have to have the drive shaft shortened, find a longer one or
    have a unit custom fabbed for your application.
    -Chances are you'll have to at a minimum get a trans crossmember from a
    manual equipped truck. I'm wondering if the crossmember from a factory
    manual trans S-10 would work.

    Whatever you do don't skimp and run a stock S-10 manual trans. I had a 99 extended cab S-10 with the 4.3 and a 5 speed. That tranny was WEAK. If you're going through the trouble to convert to a manual anyway, why not just grab a T56? Reason I say that is I know ALOT of 3rd gen F-body owners that have had quite a few headaches running a T5 with a motor putting down any significant power at all. The T56 is quite a bit more stout. Then with the deeeeeeeep 6th gear you could up your rear gear a notch.

    Not trying to tell you how to build your truck, just offering a few suggestions. Do me a favor and hook me up with some pics when you're done. I miss my S-10 badly. Good luck with your build up.
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    You might have clearance issues between floor and trany.Just have to do alittle sheet metal work.

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