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This is a discussion on heads within the Classic Muscle forums, part of the Vehicle Specific category; Originally Posted by pajeff02 The OP didn't appear to know their history, so there is no telling when they were ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajeff02 View Post
    The OP didn't appear to know their history, so there is no telling when they were last on an engine. I just wanted to point this out as that can be a concern if hardened seats are not installed as part of the build. I run a lead additive in our Oldsmobiles and Buicks just to err on the side of caution.
    Did'nt mean to butt into you post with the OP.. You just got me thinkin' is all. That in itself can be dangerous ..
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    My guess is that they are 1.94I/1.50E as they made (literally) millions of them. 461 is a good casting number for a mid-60's SBC. They are ~64cc combustion chamber (about 10:1 on a 4" bore with flat tops) with about 150cc or so flow on the intake side. I used quite a few of them over the years.

    Factoid: They made a 461X casting that was 2.02/1.60 with screw in studs and guide plates and a 160cc intake runner. Find these and they are gold to a restorer as they only came on higher HP (365hp?) 327 Vettes.

    To be honest I'd look for a later model with the bolt holes for your accessories.

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