Need some advice. I found a 74 455 trans am in reasonable condition. It has a 455 but its not original motor. It was rebuild roughly 500 miles ago but that was several years back.

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it comes with all the parts and such pictured as well as the car. I asked about engine rebuild info and such and this was what I got back "Yes, I have a folder with all of the detail including the cam card. The rotating assembly was balanced. Block was bored out I believe only 30 but I can not remember. Heads received a three angle valve job. Performer intake." Then he sent me the link above.

The car does not run when asked what would be necessary this is what i was told "Not much. Since it's sat for several years just preping the engine properly. Maybe a new battery and hooking up the linkage to the carb. The engine probably has less then 500 miles on it since it was rebuilt." "but yes it could easily be restarted"

What would one expect to pay for this car with this information in the midwest?

Thanks guys