These LS engines could use a little "old school" look. They finally started making tunnel rams a couple years ago for the LS, and ever since I have been thinking about building exactly that for the nomad.

For the original poster if still around, yes it would be much cheaper for your buddy to rebuild the current engine in the car. An LS swap is not an easy undertaking, and it's not cheap either. There will be fuel system upgrades (namely an in-tank pump) which is best to start with a new tank, fuel lines etc... If you want to stay fuel injection there will be wire harness and computer to deal with, whether or not he winds up with drive-by-wire can add more money to the swap along with many other options. Then there is the issue with finding a decent LS engine and trans that doesn't need work at an affordable cost.

That whole swap can easily set you back about $7,000 or more when done right if you want reliable and hassle free operation. Been there done that

And if you can't do the swap yourself, there is a local hotrod shop up the street here that charges about $30k to do it That's why I'm so friggin busy here. I need to charge more.