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World products Heads

This is a discussion on World products Heads within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Anyone use a set of these. Seem like a good head, cant find any good info on them. Just wanting ...

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    World products Heads

    Anyone use a set of these. Seem like a good head, cant find any good info on them.
    Just wanting to know.

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    There is an article in this months "Vette" magazine, and it is available to read on line as well. I am not impressed. The head has a large port (235 cc) and large intake valve (2.08) which likely shrouded and heavy, yet flows 304 cfm at 0.650" lift. Compared to the AFR's, that flow the same air through a smaller port with a smaller valve (lighter), I just am not that impressed. Almost makes me think there are some errors in the article.

    Here's the article: Link

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    I run their Sportsman 23 degree heads on a gen 1 406 ci,,,,220cc intake runner and it made good power on the dyno.

    Not familiar with any of their gen 3 heads though. But,,,,Vettenuts is right on the money,,,,,that large 235cc intake runner on a small 346 ci LS1 is not the best idea.
    As he stated it's best to have the smallest intake runner possible while still maintaining flow. I agree,,,,300 cfm intake flow on a 235cc intake runner is not impressive at all for a 15 degree head. You can port stock 200cc LS1 heads and get that with only marginally increasing the intake runner size.

    Those large runners on a small engine would make for a very lazy/soft engine down low in the rpm range where a street engine runs 90% of the time. Now if you wanted to run 4.88 gears and wing the piss out of it thats a different story.

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