I've been looking around the web and all of the LSx builds for a 4.00" and 4.100" stroke all call for a 6.125" connecting rod. Why not a 6.200" con rod ?? Are they afraid that the piston used will be too short and not durable??

I did see that Lough Engine Service of Oak Ridge, Missouri and CC Performance Parts of St. Helens, OR does sell 416 ci and 427 ci LS3 stroker builds with the 6.200" rods, but nowhere else that I have seen.

Is it true that the LS3/L92 block has sleeves long enough to accomodate the 4.100" stroker crank without poking the pistons out of zeroed deck where the LQ9/LQ4 block is does not???. So can I build a 427 ci shortblock that can be used for a daily driver with occasional road race and autocross use if use the LS3/L92 block instead of the LQ9/LQ4 iron block??? Can it be as durable as the using the iron block?? Let's say a good 100,000 mile motor?