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What valve springs?

This is a discussion on What valve springs? within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by nhraformula LG Motorsports always have keep their specs on certain cams secret. the best bet with them ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhraformula View Post
    LG Motorsports always have keep their specs on certain cams secret.
    the best bet with them is to call them and ask further advice on springs and such.
    So they want you to install a "mystery" camshaft in a car that "you" own and expect you to be able to set it up correctly with nothing to go on????

    If thats the way they want to be then they should be installing these "mystery" camshaft themselves to take all the "guess work" out of it and sell the over the counter customers something thats readable on paper.

    Um okay,,,,I'll pass on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebirdjones View Post
    LOL,,,ya. You could just stick it in there like most people and run with it. If it doesn't bother you thats all that matters.

    I'm always looking for that little extra in the car, and I'm picky anyway. As an example,,,
    I've found that most aftermarket timing chains will stretch over time about 2 degrees,,,which retards the camshaft. So if intake valve to piston clearance has wiggle room,,I'll automatically set the camshaft up 2 degrees advance to compensate for camshaft stretch later down the road.

    I also move the camshafts around looking for that little extra depending on the combination. Advancing the cam gives you a little more grunt down low,,,but it also moves the intake valve closer to the piston,,,and it also increase cylinder pressure. So if compression ratio is borderline pump gas friendly advancing the cam may not be the best idea. Also if intake valve to piston clearance is marginal then advancing the cam may also be a bad idea. Retarding the camshaft does the exact opposite of all this.

    The weight of the car, gearing, transmission, intake manifold etc...all would play a role in what would be best if you really want to start splitting hairs. Spent alot of time on a DTS dyno playing with this stuff.

    Does this make ya feel any better???

    Just thought I'd throw some more info in the mix and make it more interesting. Doesn't sound like you have much more choice than to just stick it in there and see where it's at and run with it.
    lol yeah i know the principals of cam timing (retarding and advancing it).....just looking for an easier way to get it just where i want it without doing all the measuring my self
    but on the bright side, one of my friends has a bare ls1 block on n engine stand that i could pop the cam in with some lifters and degree wheel....some time with a micrometer, notepad, calculator and a sharpie and i can get her right where i want her

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