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what cam and heads should i get for most power

This is a discussion on what cam and heads should i get for most power within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; i have a 1999 z28 camaro and i already have mac headers and exhaust and wanting to get cam and ...

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    Cool what cam and heads should i get for most power

    i have a 1999 z28 camaro and i already have mac headers and exhaust and wanting to get cam and heads. i was told 5.3 heads would be real good let me know if there are some that are better or even save a little money. any help is nice. =) brand names prices and where i can get them is appreciated

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    I can see this getting moved real quick....

    But to answer your question on a short note, it's all about your ultimate plans for the car. What do you want to acheive in the end with your car/346 cubes? Do you just wanna throw the biggest bumpstick/combination you can into the 346ci mill before stepping up to a bigger displacement LSX engine or do you plan to keep it street/strip friendly and DD it? (Even if its only a few weeks out of the year)

    These are questions you need to ask yourself and think about before starting a build. From what I see, can't go wrong with the MS3, as it's a favored cam by alot of people and Frost has even had good things to say about it, as far as mild street manners go. As with any cam upgrade (or H/C), if you're an M6 you'll want an upgraded clutch. Alot of guys like the LS7 clutch kid from what I hear. Or if you're an automatic you'll want to upgrade to a bigger stall converter, all depending on the cam (the manufacturer of the cam can tell you what size stall you need). Vigilante and Yank Converters are 2 off hand that I know are pretty good. Also, with any clutch/converter upgrade you'll want to swap out the factory gears for a steeper gear. If you're looking to go with heads, I guess there's no need to tell you the importance of upgrading springs, etc.

    On a side note, should you decide to put stickies on the rear after you're gear swap, don't expect your factory 10 bolt to last too long, if you're still running with it. And since you're a '99 car, and you plan on doing Heads AND Cam, look at getting an LS6 intake at the very least. This will better complement your H/C/I combination.
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    READ please

    as you are new this post isnt too bad. but a general rule is to read the stickies ..the stickies are the threads in the top of each sections (ie. internal engine, external engine, suspension etc)
    read those first as most of the time questions like this are asked very frequently and your answer can be found faster by reading the stickies and or searching.

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