Hello guys!

The previous owner of my car replaced the LS6 intake with an aluminum Weiand intake. From the flow numbers I've seen from T.P.I.S. and my own dyno results, I am curious as to whether or not this may be hurting my performance. I'm planning a head swap to compliment my cam (either PRC Stage 2.5 LS6 heads or the Trick Flow "as cast" models) and am going to have my friends at Vengeance do the work (and tune). Before I take the car to the shop for the head swap, I need to make a decision on which way to go with the intake. Hence, I have the following questions:

1. Does anyone have any flow numbers for a well ported Weiand intake? Part of the benefit of this intake (aside from being able to take a pretty big hit of N20) is the ability to port it aggressively to flow better. I'm not really concerned about the whole aluminum = heat soak issue, so provided we could port the crap out of it and get it to flow anywhere close to a basic FAST intake, I'll go this route.

2. If we don't think it can be ported well enough to really maximize the gains I'm getting from the heads and cam swap, do you think now would be the appropriate time to upgrade to a FAST 92/92. FYI.....I would like my car to be reliable as a daily driver (even though I don't drive it that much), want plenty of low to midrange power and would like to hit the 430 - 440 rwhp mark (I'm currently at 390 rwhp and 388 rwtq).