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Nothing bad, it was about perfect for mine, which was just headers with an off road Y, and that 3400 stall. Stock 3.23's and it drove around pretty nice. Still 20 mpg around town if I drove it easy. 25-26 mpg highway which is what it got before the stall anyway.
My ET went from a best of 13.24 at 106 mph to a best of 12.76 at 107 mph with just the converter change, no sticky tires. Honestly had 12.50's in it easy with a good tire on it. Best bang for the buck mod I ever did to the car.
I had planned a cam, just never did it. Car ran great as is, I was pretty happy with it.

with the difference you got in your numbers im looking forward to the mod. my virgin run was a 12.74 @ 110mph. since then i've gotten a set of wheels and nitto's. but i havent been back to the track.