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Valvoline SynPower officially kicks Mobil 1s A$$

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    Quote Originally Posted by nhraformula View Post
    considering conventional oil was not used to see how far it can go, the results are a little slanted
    Well, Id agree that its not spelled out exact, but in the article it reads that Mr. Gray used a brand-x motor oil for the first 45,000-miles of his first truck. Not a stranger to used oil analysis, Mr. Gray may have tested the unknown oil to discover the wear limits before switching to Amsoil.

    The article also states: The engine showed light to moderate wear throughout, just as an engine in similar service and lubricated with conventional oil changed at 15,000-to-20,000-mile intervals would show.

    This may not be the smoking gun you are after, but its a bit more to go on than hearsay and personal opinion. Do you have any information in particular that would seem to indicate otherwise?

    For related information on this topic, check out the thread Base Oils & Lubricant Performance


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    Take two exact motors. Fill one up with good ole oil and the other with synthetic. There is zero guarantee that the motor using synthetic based oil will outlast the conventional oil motor.

    I do agree that synthetic has some advantage over conventional oil
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