My buddy and I recently upgraded the cam and valvetrain in my 2000 Z-28 its an auto car with a TCI 3500 converter and 2.73s in the rear. The cam specs out 236/242 617/613 111+2 lsa and we did the comp 7.425 pushrods, ls-7 lifters, new trays, and upgraded the stock heads with patriot .650 lift springs,and added a jp timing chain. I just wanted to add and let everyone know that this cam doesnt bullshit around ! My buddy has a 02 Z-06 vette that has dart heads and a comp 232/234 xer grind cam and he and i run dead nuts side by side from a 30 roll all the way to 110-115 mph. We went to the track and my tranny was slipping but i manged to get a 12.43 spinning thru 1st @ 111 mph on street tires. I know i need some gears and DR's. but i am very impressed so far if id had some radials the 11's would have been on that slip for sure. But I just figured id let you guys know the newest grind from Thunder Racing is an awesome cam and i give them upmost props ! Talk to Shane @ Thunder Racing he can hook you up with the Raptor Cam.