okay so the time is now. Cam swap and I want to do this right.

Basic wants from this is an efficeint power increase. streetable/ strip cam. I'd much rather have an aggressive cam over a streetier cam but nothing too large. I love choppy idles aswell.

So with my wants heres the list i compiled.

PRC dual valce spring with .650" lift
TSP chromoly pushrods
double timing chain (unsure of brand)
Cam **Undecided.
wideband and afr gauges

Now I recieved a cam for free but I'm undecided on using it. It is a comp cam and is specd @ 224/232 .555 .575 with a 114LSA
Im unsure because it was lightly used in a supercharged ta and was grinded for that particular car.

My car is a 2002 WS6 with lid, TSP 1 7/8"primary LT's, custom catless true dual exhaust. So everything is stock inside the motor.
it previously made 358.5rwhp/369.7rwtq on my old exhaust set up. I was curious about what power I'd be looking at with cam.

If I were to do a new cam my friend recommended going with a 228/232 .588/.595 with a 110LSA
What do you guys think? New cam or used cam? and does my parts list look correct?
Id like to order main parts this week sometime soquick responses would be great.