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T-rex Cam

This is a discussion on T-rex Cam within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; good luck with the cam and i would suggest getting a tune done. Speed density is the way to go. ...

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    good luck with the cam and i would suggest getting a tune done. Speed density is the way to go. if you dont do a speed density tune. look forward to spending MANY days getting it to idle properly based off your maf and O2 tables. I have the cam and Love it but for a daily driven car i wouldnt have it. Thankfully i only drive the car at the track and every couple weekends.

    i would reccommend these for lifters.....i have them and LOVE them nice and quiet if you want more info on these lifters please send me a PM and ill send it to you.

    these can be oicked up from
    NEW GM Performance Parts Hydraulic Roller Lifter for LS-Engines
    #SD8689 $217.85/set
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackBirdSS View Post
    Hi Guys,

    I am looking into the TREX. What else will I need?

    -double roller timing chain
    -LS6 oil pump
    -new lifters

    I have a M6 and 4.10's.

    How much just in parts do you think a complete "TREX package" would run? Any recommendations for manufacturers as well as websites to purchase which have the best deals would be greatly appreciated.

    Figure on a new clutch as mine lasted less 2 months with my MS4.

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    How's that T Rex treating you? I ditched my H/C LS1 over the winter for a 408. For those of you running that cam with M6's....ditch the 4.10s for me. They may seem like steep gears, which they are..but those gears matched with that cam is lethal.

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    i had the trex in my old car and loved. dd the car with a pt4200 stall and an awesome tune. i had comp oe lifters, hardned pr, prc duals, ls2 chain, and ported ls6 pump. car full wieght went 11.3 cam only!

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