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rocker arm fell off

This is a discussion on rocker arm fell off within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; My 2000 TransAm has had an LQ9 in it for almost a year. When first started it ran like a ...

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    Thumbs down rocker arm fell off

    My 2000 TransAm has had an LQ9 in it for almost a year. When first started it ran like a champ. Two miles and some gas in the tank later it developed a missss, threw the 0113 code ( multiple random misfire I think is 0113 ) . I thought for the longest time it was an elictrical issue. I have hunted every damn wire on the car chasing an electrical issue that never exisited. I had an P0113 P0107 P0103.
    With the engine runing I started pulling fuel enjector wires and plug wires one at a time, listening for the engine to misss hard untill I located number 4 cylinder as being my mis. I pulled the plug wire and it made no difference. So I pulled the enjector plug and that made no difference to the engine running so that told me number 4 had no fire. The first thing I should have done was remove a valve cover, instead I started on compression test. Bank 1 got to 175 I think and so was bank 2 eccept #4. Finally I pulled the valve cover and before I clear the a/c box I could see the top of the push rod. I get the valve cover out of my way and there is the #4 intake rocker arm laying next to were it is supposed to be bolted. With my trusty Duralast ratchet and 8mm socket and a WTF look on my face I bolt it back in place (after checking the push rod for straitness) and run the rest of the rocker arms. I guess it just fucking fell off?
    Ive put almost 1000 miles on it now and so far nothing else has fell off! Any idea why that could happen?

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    Whoever had it off the last time did not tighten it correctly. I have seen this on old engines after a rebuild. Some guys have to cut corners and others are just trying to save a buck. If there is wear in the nut threads it will come loose again. If it does, save yourself the hassle and replace it before you break a pushrod.
    Trust me. Its not fun to pick the pieces of a shattered pushrod out of the engine valley.

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    I believe it's suppose to be 22ft lbs of torque. and to use a blue lock tite on those bolts is a good idea

    then rotate the engine and recheck the torque.

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    Crazy ! and lucky ! I had one back out on my 70 chevelle, That got ugly, you got lucky

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    Yes I did get lucky. 50 -60000 mile salvage engine. They said it ran fine. And it does now.

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