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Rebuild it! But when?

This is a discussion on Rebuild it! But when? within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; When should I rebuild my LS1? I have 145K miles on it. Starts and runs perfect....

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    Rebuild it! But when?

    When should I rebuild my LS1? I have 145K miles on it. Starts and runs perfect.

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    When you start having a problem. I had 147K on mine no problems that were not cause by an idiot mistake. But with the head off the cylinder walls on the remaining ones looked good as new. As long as its not smoking like a lit chimney or making obvious death rattling noise leave it be.

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    I have seen ls1 cars with 245,000 miles that have never been rebuilt and still running strong. When your compression gets too low or your burning too much oil then I would worry about it. Until then change your oil every 3-5k miles and enjoy it.
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    Dont fix it if it aint broke

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    ive got 150k on mine right now. no knocks, smokes, or leaks. runs real strong. i was tempted to get a new shortblock also, just cuz i felt i would need one soon. but after talking to people and thinkin about it, that would be stupid right now since its running fine. im replacing the timing chain, oil pump, upgrading the cam and calling it a day. if you really want to replace it now, at least beat the s@!* out of it until it blows up. then you wont feel like your wasting a good motor.

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    rebuilt mine at 80k. had two pistons burn out on me . but it gave me the oppurtunity to freshen everything up and get it running the way i want it to (cam headers and what not...) . motor is going back in tomorrow night!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheKitchenSink View Post
    Dont fix it if it aint broke
    YEA when it blows then worrie about it lol... but check in to prices a head of time then when it blows you know how much you are going to spend.
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