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rebuil or replace

This is a discussion on rebuil or replace within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; would u guys rebuild ur ls1 or replace it. mine has 180000 miles and has started making noise have yet ...

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    rebuil or replace

    would u guys rebuild ur ls1 or replace it. mine has 180000 miles and has started making noise have yet to fugue out what it is.put that not what this threads about. would u guys rebuild Ur motor with mostly stock parts but new or refurbished. maby heads and cam and springs and lifters. or replace it with create motor. or a lesser used motor.????

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    To be honest, it really depends on what you want to spend and what you see for your car in the future. A quality rebuild will cost you about the same as buying a short block in some cases. With that being said, I would check out our sponsor Texas Speed, call them and ask them what they would do. (They are honest and won't try hustle you, they'll give you the right info you need.)

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    in all honesty i'd tear it down and look at the block... most of the time if one thing breaks it takes a ton with it... that is the one down side to aluminum... but if you are going to rebuild go with forged internals...if you replace it do not go with a lesser motor... you'll regret it...

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    It ended up being a bent pushrod, but he's got it back together running now. runs pretty good, but the pushrod took out a lot of the guide area and that metal had to go somewhere, since it's not Ferrus the magnets won't pick it up. It's only borrowed time.

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