This past weekend i finally go the Z on the dyno. It laid down good numbers but i have some concerns about the smoothness of the toruqe and horsepower curves. The graph is set at a smoothing factor of 4 but it is still not as smooth as i would like it to be. Below is a list of what I have for a valvetrain. All the tuning on this car has been done by Frost.

Yella Terra "Ultra lite" 1.7 rockers non adjustable
AFR210 V2 heads with #8019 upgraded springs 155lb seat
231/235 .617/.624 113+4
Comp Cams 7.475 lenght x 5/16 dia push rods
GM LS2/LS7 OE lifter with pre load set at .060

From what you guys see from the dyno sheet is there any thing that throws a red flag?

dyno 4-14-12.JPG