I just recently bought a 2000 z28 with 65,000 miles on it. mods are
Lingenfelter intake manifold
borla exhuast(cat back)
slp box
stage 2 clutch(not sure wat kind)
and just replaced slp maf with a stock one
i first started getting the 171 and 174 both banks lean codes along with the clutch code. id really like to just bipass the clutch switch if thats possible. ive already replaced the switch twice and it still throws the code. you can hear the switch pressing and depressing when u push in the clutch. but thats the least of my worries. car was running terrible so i installed the stock MAF. runs alot better now but still not peak performance. check engine light still on. im begining to think its a vaccum leak but im not sure which one is the common one to go. it would b nice if someone could post pictures please. this is my 2nd camaro and it sucks that i just bought it and have problems. but my 2001 ss with double the miles had none... really would like to get this all figured out so i can begin puttin some power in it!!