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oil pressure/engine temperature please!!!!!

This is a discussion on oil pressure/engine temperature please!!!!! within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; dealer had to order the temp sensor. it should be in today, so as far as the coolant temp, i ...

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    dealer had to order the temp sensor. it should be in today, so as far as the coolant temp, i will post later tonight as to what the results are. im not sure about the oil pressure.

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    ok, heres the update. i changed out the thermostat and coolant temp sensor. apparently the problem wasnt with either of these. but anyway, heres what the guage is doing. ill start the car. it will take its usual few minutes for the needle to hit 160. once it does, i start driving. i cruised for maybe 10-15 minutes. the needle never got above 175-180 while cruising. now, if i stop at a light, the needle will slowly start climbing til it hits operating temperature. then when i start driving, the needle goes back down to around 175-180. my other ls1 cars always stayed at around 200-210....whether i was stopped at a light or cruising. i thought 200-210 was operating temperature, and my other cars always got there within 10-15 minutes. can someone give me a lil help here??

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    closed thread...started a new one

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    I have a similar problem with a '98 LS1 that is installed in my Datsun 280Z. When I first installed the motor it was rock solid at 45-60 psi, even at idle. Now it will drop to 0 on the gauge at idle but raises up to the normal range between 2,000 & 2,400 RPM. The motor only has 37,000 miles on it. I appreciate all the information that has been put forth on this thread. I'll get the sender checked and then, if I have to, go after the O ring on the oil pick-up tube. Fun thing is that the sender is out of a Datsun and is probably 30 years old so it is a definite candidate.
    Question: Can I plug into the OBDII and read oil pressure through the ECU?

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