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New Mobil 1 Extended VS German Castrol

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTR99 View Post
    So you give me another forum and opinions as evidence, with the only legitimate link on the first one being Mobil 1 data...

    The next link you provided;

    Contains a report on Mobil 1 in a GM 3.5L I-5 using Mobil 1 5W-30, and states...
    The report goes on to say "Average wear is based on an average oil change of 5,650 miles for this type engine. With your 3.5L engine wearing perfectly you could add more miles to your oil changes without hurting anything, but that is entirely up to you. For now, no problems found."

    Sounds like a glowing advertisement for Mobil 1. And then we see

    The next 2 links are entirely opinion, and more undocumented test reports with forum opinions.

    Finally we have another glowing report on Mobil 1. This time at 5,000 miles, and again suggesting LONGER oil change intervals with Mobil 1 5W-50.

    Followed by the peanut gallery accusing Mobil 1 of shearing to 40wt at 5,000 miles, not 500! Pretty outstanding performance by Mobil 1 in my opinion. I don't know anyone who goes 5,000 miles between oil changes.

    And you expect me to take your criticism seriously? Pretty hilarious.... and you accuse me of trolling. You're right about one thing, my knowledge of physics is somewhat limited to first hand experience in over 30 years of building and racing high performance bikes and cars. I have a BA in Computer Science, and I'm a former stock broker. My wife is the physics and chemistry expert. She holds a PHD in chemistry.
    I dont give a rats ass about your wifes education. WTF? You want success in the business world? Many here on this forum have been to my ranch and know me personally.....I'll go toe to toe with the top 1/2% of the country in the personal wealth catagorey Buckwheat so be careful pulling your johnson out on that one......and by the what?
    Bubba....I gave you those links trying my best to get you off your dead fucking ass and do some research on your own instead of spoon feeding your dumbass....but I guess that didnt work either. So you know what....fuck it. I say fuck it. You make a statment that no way synthetics shear and I give you absolute proof with links to fucking Blackstone Labs UOA's and you still dont get it. What a fucking retard. I give up.
    Do Phd's give good head?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
    Do Phd's give good head?
    hey Dr Phil "good"

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    pennzoil platinum for the win.


    why not?

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    VTR99... if you were to cut sarge he would bleed motor oil... sarge is well known for his expert advice... i'm sure he forgot more about oil than you know...

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