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New ls2 build – odd oil pressure problem

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    New ls2 build – odd oil pressure problem

    Hey guys, long time lurker on the site, but never posted before. Now I need some tech help.

    I fully rebuilt a stock LS2 back in February. New piston rings, bearings, the crank was turned down .01 with oversized bearings, melling high pressure pump and everything else stock.

    Well it sat for the past 3 months or so until recently when I got my act together enough to get it hooked up to a test stand.

    I got everything all set up, pulled the spark plugs out and disconnected the ECU to prime the oil system. I also removed the oil pressure sending unit, expecting that when I turned over the started a few time, id see a geyser of oil. Well that was not the case. After maybe 5-8 seconds of steady cranking, I saw no oil from that port.

    First thing that came to mind was maybe the oil pump O-ring was messed up, so I dropped the pan and checked it out. It’s a brand new red O ring and it seemed in perfect condition. I couldn’t remember if I had primed the oil pump way back when I built it, so I pumped as much grease into the pickup port as it would take (bad idea??) and reassembled the pickup tube.

    Here's where it gets interesting: on a whim, with the pan off I pored half a quart of oil into the oil pressure sending unit port. After about 2 seconds a steady stream of oil came running out from within the block seemingly unrestricted. I hadn’t taken the splash shield off, so im not sure exactly where it was coming from, but it was basically right under where I pored it in, right under the crank, by the rear most main bearing.

    Could this be something other than a screwed up main bearing? Could I have missed a galley plug or screwed up a lifter or something obvious that would allow oil to flow out so easily?

    I guess my next step tonight after work is to take off the oil deflector and see if I can tell where the oil is leaking out.

    Any ideas?

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    When my buddy did his motor swap he forgot to reinstall the cam retainer plate, that caused him to have no oil pressure.

    When i did my motor I primed the oil system by filling the oil filter as much as possible and cranking the motor with no spark plugs and ignition system disabled...I think I got oil pressure within 8-10 secs of cranking

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    Also, are you sure you put the " barbell on the back of the block undetermined the rear cover?

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