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Need your help

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    Need your help

    Ok guys so I got the SLP 12400 ( ZL402 ) LS1 Iron Short Block (High Compression), patriot heads stage 2 and the injection is 42.
    The question is what is the best cam for it to get the most horse power on low RPM? Can I use a 300HP NOS on it?

    thank you

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    300 Shot huh? Your as crazy as I am.....
    Well I dont know your compression ratio answer the 300 shot question....dual stage I assume is what your talking about....I digress.....
    For a nitrous shot over 150 I wouldnt go over 520ish on your cam....your compression needs to be around 8.5-1 for that kind of shot even on a forged motor....9.5-1 tops.....Now a 620ish cam and tuned properly should put 500 to the wheels got the driveline and chassis for that man?
    Giggle juice and FI dont like high compression.....all NA your a beast with the right intake/cam/exhaust setup....
    If it were me....I'd go 600+ cam.....tune that bitch right...( torque monster) and for shits and grins you could put a 100 shot on it for 600+ to the wheels and hurt nothing....but your driveline if it aint beefed man...

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    Thanks sarge
    The compression ratio is 11.2-1. I know that you are more experienced than me so I need your advice: where can I get this monster 600+ cam? Can you point one for me? I want to get the most power of the engine that I can, how much HP can I get out of it before it explodes? O ya you have the compression ratio so can I NOS or not????
    Do you need any more info on the engine?
    thanks agien

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    well your 300 shot sounds fun. but maybe alittle too crazy. def gotta go with dual stage. Methods for opening the solenoids vary. The simple push button human, oops i crapped my pants and my motor is gone or the failsafe computer operated controller that all but elliminates possibilty of human error. Many dual stage systems use throttle switch to activate 1st stage and then manual(driver) to hit the second woody of juice. Sure you can hit it with the juice. Can your drivetrain hold it thou is a better question. 300 is crazy if you ask me. You gotta start appling some fluid dynamics at the ratio of 5:1( 5 parts nitrous to 1 part fuel.) Your dealing with 2 fluids now... A good tuner, real good tuner is hard to come by and your gonna need one. 11.2 CR is too high. Max 9.2 ratio ide say.

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    The patriot heads stage 2 are ( 63cc), I want the car for drag racing what is the number of the differential? My transmission is TSI.

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    any one?

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