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Need help choosing a cam.

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    Need help choosing a cam.

    I need help deciding which cam to get. I want a cam that makes power in a usable rpm range. I donít want all my power up top. I also what something that sounds nice and choppy but that I can live with on a daily basis. If I have a cam in my car, I want it to sound like it has a cam in it. I hear a lot of talk about the MS3 and MS4 and people seem to either love them or hate them. Iíve heard that they are too ďbigĒ to daily drive. What do you guys thing about those cams? Also what are some cams you recommend that would meet my requirements? If it helps, I have long tubes, ORY and a lid. After a cam I was planning on installing a set of 4.10ís and eventually some spray, probably just a 100 shot. Thanks.

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    the first link is a chart that should help with deciding what cam to go with, the next link is for sound clips of LS1's with cams and can give you a good idea of what yours might sound like after the install.

    Hope these two help a little. I'm going to install the MS4 cam in my car in the next couple of weeks. Not a DD, but used to be now she'll just be a weekend warrior. If I was still to DD her i'd probably go with a TR228 cam, you can have that choppy sound and still be streetable. As for running it in a DD, I don't see why not. A good tune would probably help A LOT! if you're planning on using that cam. Just my .02

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    As long as you have the car dyno tuned after the cam install you can run a MS4 around town with no problems at all. Alot of the misery stories your gonna read about I installed a BIG CAM now the car surges, won't idle right, runs great cold but after its hot it won't crank. And so on are tuning problems.TSP ground the MS4 to be more street friendly than the MS3 and it put out nice flat torque across the board in my car. My Vigalante will stall me right into the MS4s powerband and were gone. My car a is 90% street/10% strip.

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