As I'm writing this post I am also concurrently reading the Cam sticky.
Anyway, I'm looking to purchase a new cam, and was wanting to hear some recommendations.
What I'm looking for: Close to 500RWHP+ (I'm currently at 400RWHP), Streetable/Strip, This is my daily!
Mods (all based on an LS6 block):
BBK Shorty Headers (being replaced in 2 weeks with long tubes)
BBK Fuel Rails
BBK SSi Intake
Scorpion Roller Rockers/Springs
Built 4l60E Tranny w/ Vigilante 3600 Stall
3.73 Gears
Mufflex 4in exhaust

I think that's all... haha.
I'm also going to be getting the heads Ported/Polished in the next few weeks to go along with the cam swap.
So what kind of cam do you recommend? Again, it needs to be streetable!!
Any input is appreciated.