I'm finally getting around to doing heads/cam/longtubes on my C5 FRC.
I'm buying everything used, if I can. Anyway. I have the choice (right now anyway) to purchase a set of MTI 2E heads that will be "freshened" by the technician who owns them, or buy a set of Precision Porting and Coatings Stage 3 heads with only 2500 miles on them The MTIs are LS1 heads, the PP&Cs are 6 liter milled to 58cc combustion chambers.

MTI Stage 2E Cylinder Heads
hand porting of intake, and exhaust
major bowl work performed.
Ferrea 2.02" & 1.56" valves, factory valve seats.
High performance dual valve
lightweight titanium retainers
specially machined spring cups

Combustion chamber for maximum unshrouding
Chambers cc'd
Coat chambers and valves
Oversized stainless one piece intake and exhaust valves
Flow balance runners to within 3%
New valve springs

Total mods are:

Z06 intake, plenum, bridge and intake manifold
Z06 timing chain
upgrade oil pump
underdrive pulley (if I get lucky)
224 224 .581 .581 112 cam
LG street longtubes
3.90 rear gears

The purpose of the mods is to provide more street performance with a minimal impact on driveability, more "squirt" with the 3.90s which will also give me a more usable MN6.

My question: which head makes more sense very used and "freshened" MTI or 2500 mile "used" PP&C LQ9 head?

Thanks, Gentlepeople, and Regards,