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Morel Lifters and LS7 Lifters

This is a discussion on Morel Lifters and LS7 Lifters within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys, Doing a bit of work to my car at the moment and wanted some advice. I have a ...

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    Morel Lifters and LS7 Lifters

    Hey guys,

    Doing a bit of work to my car at the moment and wanted some advice. I have a set of Morel street series 5290 tie bar lifters in the car at the moment. One of them has some mild pitting on the roller. The cam is out and has been taken to a cam specialist to check it and it's all in good condition.

    Now, I've been advised to change the lifters to LS7 lifters.

    I don't know much about these LS motors, this is the first one I've worked on. My question is this:

    Are all LS lifters the same height/profile? If I swap out my Morel Link Bar lifters in favour of LS7 lifters, how do I know that the seat for the pushrod isn't higher or lower on the LS7 lifter than on the Morel Lifter? If it's not the same height, I'll either overextend the pushrod/rocker/valve or the valves won't open as far as they do now, so are the LS lifters all a universal length?

    The engine is running this gear:

    6.0L L98 motor

    Cam: 242/245 620 Lift

    Pushrods: Trend 210 7.350 .080

    PAC dual valve springs

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I can't answer you question precisely, but I can offer what I do know.

    I have some worked heads that were milled down a tad (enough that the compression ratio increased to the point that I needed different spark plugs). My car is also running on a mild cam (I think it's a stock Silverado cam, but I'd have to ask). It has LS7 lifters, running with the push rods that came with the heads (799, stage 1 machining: ported, 4-angle valve job, etc).
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    I'm running LS7 lifters in my 403 and no issues so far. LS7 lifters are now the standard lifter for all LS1,2,6 and LQ4/9 & 5.3's. I can't say about the LS3's.

    Only way to know for sure if you are good on the push rod length is to get a checker and measure.

    Here's a thread on how to do it.

    How to Measuring for Correct Push Rod Length.

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    One more question....if you're using Morel Link Bar lifters why not stay with them? Going to LS7 would be a step back IMHO.

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    Fuck no don't swap the link bar morels for the ls7 lifters. The morels are superior in every way to the ls7s. I have morel 5206 link bar lifters in my engine, there is no way I would trust ls7s in my motor but then again it is a 421 ci lq9 that is max effort build but still. Besides $1000+ lifters there really isn't anything else better than Morels out there. I would stick with them but just so you know any time you change the lifters you need to check for pushrod length because different lifters require different pushrod lengths because of the preload they require.
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