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misfire/skipped cylinders/backfire upon throttle

This is a discussion on misfire/skipped cylinders/backfire upon throttle within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ladies and gents, i am new here and have ben having prolems with my engine. first some general basics about ...

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    misfire/skipped cylinders/backfire upon throttle

    ladies and gents, i am new here and have ben having prolems with my engine. first some general basics about the car so you know what i am dealing with 02 WS6 TA, LS1 with following mods: comp cams oversized cam (dont know the duration but it lopes like no-ones business), 48 lbs injectors, ported MAF, slp headers, slp airbox lid, no cats, no muffs (they were removed by desert motor sports), pcm was retuned for everything. i havent had the diagnostics done yet since i am currently serving in afghanistan, but will have it done when i get back.

    ok here is my problem. it idles fine, runs fine with regular to moderate acceleration, but when you put it to the floor it almost seems like a couple of the cylinders are either misfiring or being skipped and it backfires a couple of times. the power is not what it should be making. once i get home i plan to replace plugs, plug wires, fuel filter and i was wondering if anyone could think of anything else that could be doing this. maybe cam pos sensor? o2 sensors (the ones before the cats since i am not running cats)? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just started having similiar problem..nothing has been altered on the car except a new fuel pump recently..I ran the code reader and i got PO151, PO103, PO171, PO174. The most recurring problem is o2 sensor, MAF, or vacume leak. But i cant even accelerate. small acceleration wont move the car..and it backfires in the front and back...if i floor it it gains speed slowly...but works.

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