Im looking at doing a cam change and would like one of these Muthra Thumpr Comp Cams and was wondering if anyone had one of these and which one I should use out of the 3 cams available for street use.Theres one with 235-249 duration with .573 intake lift and .558 exhaust lift or 227-241 duration with .563 in and .546 ex lift and one with 219-233 duration with 553 in lift and 537 ex lift.I have a 85mm typhoon intake manifold,long tube headers with off road pipe and Borla catback and 4:11 gears with 6-speed in a 1999 Ram Air Trans Am and SLP airbox.Which cam would be best and I want a cam that sounds good and idles rough for the street.Any help would be much appreciated.Comp Cams say these 3 cams have a very good hard exhaust note.