this is a referance and question (referance because I couldnt fine anything online), I ran my car hot due to a radiator hose blowing about 8 miles from home. It took me 1.5 hours of driving for about 90 seconds and then letting the car cool. So I just did a compression test to make sure I didn't hurt anything. My results are as follows. #1: 120/120/120 #2: 130/130/130 #3: 133/129/129 #4: 125/124/120 #5: 120/120/125 #6: 130/130/134 #7: 125/126/126 #8: 125/127/125

Process was easy as all I had to do was remove the fuel pump fuse up front and the spark plugs, screw in the the compression tester hose in each hole/cylinder. Turn the key until I heard the engine turn over 3x (could have gone 4 but as long as you do the same each time your good). So what I was wondering was for a stock engine/pistons and rings are these numbers acceptable?

Modifications are
P1SC intercooled ProCharger, 60lb injectors, 255lph pump, LS6 intake, 85mm TB, 12 bolt Moser, suspension and other non relevant engine stuff.