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Lq4 408 stroker build help

This is a discussion on Lq4 408 stroker build help within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys so this winter I came across a lq4 for a decet price. My plans with it are to ...

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    Talking Lq4 408 stroker build help

    Hey guys so this winter I came across a lq4 for a decet price. My plans with it are to make it a 408 with about 150 shot What kinda power should it make before the bottle my plans are for this car to be a weekend warrior semi daily driver also what parts do I get as far as rotating assembly Pistons cam cylinder heads. Are trick flows gen x any good I really have no budget for this thing would I see 500-550 rwhp n/a with this motor will it even make that..?? What kinda power will this motor make also what's a good compression ratio for this 10.5.1 or can it handle more. This is my first motor I'm building and wanted to know what are all the guys that have a 408 stroker are running I would like to get this thing up and running spring time and since I live in gurnee il boarder line between Wisconsin and Illinois. That's around late April also it's going in a 93 camaro What trans should I go with a built 4l80..?? And I wanna keep it on 93 pump gas

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    Louie welcome...

    We have a couple of engine builds in various stages, myself included, that could help you get an idea on what you're looking at.

    Engine Builds

    Best thing I can recommend is do what your doing, research and ask questions. 1st time builds can get out of hand, trust me. Expect hiccups and setbacks. It's a learning process.

    Some questions first that need to be answered.

    Your LQ4:

    what yr? 99-04?
    Have you inspected it yet? block is ok, no cracks in cylinder, etc...

    What's your experience in engine building? Do you have the tools?

    For a 408 build:

    Block needs to be bored to 4.030". Smart money is have a engine shop that knows LS motors look it over and do the machine work. Not all shops are equal and know LS motors. Make sure the block cylinder surface is level and if you plan on using ARP main cap studs, check to see if a line hone is needed. ARP studs tighten the caps a little more than stock gm bolts do. Recommend ARP for your power goals.
    Need 408 stroker kit (crank, rods, rings & pistons) + all new bearings (Avg cost $1800-2400 depends on brand). This will also need to be balanced (avg cost $150). Since you're planning on Nitrous - get them forged. Ring Types depends on just how much Nitrous you plan on getting up to. 100-150 standard rings are fine, going higher later on you'll need better rings that can handle that or you'll have blowby. This is stuff you need to talk with when you order your parts.

    CAM - This you will need to talk with a cam builder. You have options, most go for $375 while custom goes for $425. This is a key part in your power goals beside the stroke and heads.

    Heads - Trickflow makes some awesome heads, they also cost a lot too. You also have options. You need to decide what direction you want to go here. You can go cathedral style (LS1) or rectangular style (LS3). Each have pros and cons. Both require different intakes as well.

    Pistons - Look for flat top style pistons, dish will lower your compression.

    Other things to consider/need:

    1) Do you have the suspension and drive train upgrades to handle this increase in power? Stock 10 bolt doesn't last long.
    2) You'll also need to upgrade fuel pump & injectors.
    3) Gaskets for a complete build get around $300+
    4) Full Dyno tune $500 at least
    6) I haven't even added you nitrous kit $800-$1000

    To answer your question - can it make 500-550rwhp? With the nitrous, it should, even slightly more. Your goal really depends on a lot of factors. Will it be street-able - that is up to you.

    LQ4 - stock came at around 340 HP, ran a 9.5.1 compression because of the dish design of the pistons. LQ9's have the same internals but have a flat top piston raising the CR to 10.5.1 and gave a bump in HP & TQ. the reason 99-04 yrs are important is because of the crank and they have 24x reluctor wheels. After 04 they were switch to 58x. Important to know because the PCM runs on 24x unless you get a 58x wire harness with the motor.

    Hope this answers some questions, ask away. My engine build is in my signature, Please read the whole thing....

    6.0L Block - Forged 403 built, breaking it in , Polluter Stg3 Cam, FAST 102mm Intake, NW102 TB, MSD wires, NGK TR6 plugs, Truck Coil Packs, LS3 Fuel Injectors, CC Pacesetter LT Headers, TS&P ORY, QTP e-Cutout, Magnaflow Muffler, 104mm Air Lid & Line Lock, Catch Can, Stage 2 T56 w/Viper shaft, PRO 5.0 Shifter, Tick MC, Monster Stg 4 Clutch, QT SFI BH, MWC DSL, UMI: SFC, PHB, LCA's, LCA Relocation Brackets & TA, Hotchkis Springs (1" Drop), YR1 Snowflake Wheels wrapped in NT555 tires & Custom Fab Ford 8.8 rear w/4.10 Yukon Gears, WSQ Hood, 3"CM Strange Eng Drive Shaft.

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    Thanks for the info. I don't remember what year the block was. I remember it came out of a 2500 hd and it also as 317 heads on it and I was planning on using arp studs and bolts threw out the motor as cam I was thinking something with 6.25 lift at 0.50 lift will that be okay..?? Also cylinder heads was either going with trick flow gen x or ls3 heads and Pistons I looked at summit and there is so manny I had no idea which ones to even consider and my car does have some suspension done to it like lower control arms sway bars sfc just basic stuff and it also has a 9 inch with 3.7.3 gears in it and I have s grantelli fuel pump in it And also. I wanted to reach 500-550 rwhp without the bottle. With the bottle what ever it makes after 550 is just more happiness Was thinking about going with Callie's comp crank n rods and fast 102 intake thirty or body and bugger injectors. Just don't know what size yet haven't researched that yet.. What I truly want is pretty much as much power it can handle being safe that's why I have no budget for it cause I would rather not cut corners and then doing it all over again Really. Appreciate the help guys Let me know what everyone thinks of my goals if there even real. Or not since I am new to this stuff

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