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Low-End Torque 98-02 Question+ Cam Advice!

This is a discussion on Low-End Torque 98-02 Question+ Cam Advice! within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hi, I am new to these forums but I have owned a 98 Trans Am M6 since it was new ...

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    98 Trans Am M6

    Low-End Torque 98-02 Question+ Cam Advice!

    Hi, I am new to these forums but I have owned a 98 Trans Am M6 since it was new in 1997. What a great car, I love the thing more than 98% of things in life I'm GLAD to say! (I also own a 69 455 GTO, hence Goatman455).

    I really have 2 questions, one concerns low-end torque.

    I have heard they switched to the truck cam in 01-02 for more low-end torque. I was curious if anyone has driven or has experience with the two different cars and I was curious how much of a difference there was and if it was noticeable.

    Secondly, in relation to that, I am looking to widen the powerband of my car. I will give you the specs first so you know what we are working with.

    98 T/A M6 4.10 gears, underdrive pulleys, cold air lid w/homemade ram air, full exhaust (mid headers a y pipe w/ highflow, and Borla). Pro-5.0 shifter (lol, no joke) and a centerforce dual friction clutch.

    What I am trying to do is increase the low-end torque of the car while not losing anything in the high-rpm range.

    I figure that cam technology and LS1 knowledge must be better at this time to the point where I can have more low-end torque while maintaining the brutal mid range and awesome top end of the LS1 motor.

    I figure a cam is the best option (BTW, will a LS6 intake lose a bit of low-end torque, I know high-rpm intakes usually lose a small amount down low)

    People were talking about a TR 224 114 lsa, but that was 3-4 years ago from internet searches I did.

    Again, I am looking to add through low and possibly mid without losing any top from my 98 setup as of now.

    I gotta say though, this car w/ 4.10s and full exhaust+pulleys just seems so perfectly set up (like 50+ yards full stop second gear rolling burnout awesome). I almost don't want to change it but I am just a sucker for low-end torque (third gear full stop rolling burnout anyone). I am also a HUGE LT1 fan (great low end torque and man I wish they hadn't changed the firing order because LT1s sound awesome w/ Borla).

    Anyone, thanks in advance for all the responses, I really love these cars when I got mine in 98 my friends and I could not believe how fast the thing was. I mean it was so underrated I couldn't believe it. I waited for the 98 Firebird b/c I liked the looks and figured the extra 20 hp would be nice, yeah try 50+.

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    Full Length headers may help, but not so much as to be able to feel it. I had a 98 TA before my 02 and couldn't really tell a difference. The 02 felt faster, but it is a m6. The 98 was auto. I would do a cam and call it a day. 228 would be nice, give you plenty more up top too.

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    1998 Trans Am

    the LS6 gives you a little more power and with a cam it will be a good addition.
    I rode in my friends car with a big cam and he had tons of power in the higher rpm but not as much down low.
    The one I liked was th cam in my friends 02 SS he has a Texas Speed Torquer V2 and it has alot of power down low and still a big difference in the higher RPM range.
    1998 Trans Am 85k miles.
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    2001 T/A VERT.

    I you really want more power down low(not sure why) lol!!....hell I can't hook rt now!
    but anyway don't change cam , just do some PRC 5.3 heads & if you do decide to change cam's don't go over .222 duration, like the tex speed 220r or thunder old man cam!........Oh & go ahead and start saving money for a new rearend!! LMAO!!!!

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