Building a 403 stroker for towing my RV and boat.
The truck is a 2001 dually 4x4 with 4l80e and 4.10 gears. This is pretty much a single purpose rig just for towing.

I already have a lq4 block machined and ready to assemble. Eagle 4" crank, H beam 6.125 rods, and Mahle 12 cc dish pistons. 9.95 compression.
Using 317 heads, basically stock with just a little clean up grinding/blending in the ports.
I'm retaining the stock intake. Stock exhaust and stock 1800 stall converter.

Comp suggested their lsr 54-455-11 cam
215/223 and .604/.610 on 112

I'm a little skeptical of running a .600+ lift cam on a low rpm torque build that I hope to get well over 100,000 miles out of.

I could really use some help on this please. I have everything on hand to assemble the engine except the cam and springs.