So I've done a bit of research and I'm having troubles finding a lot of good info on the combo I'm thinking of...
In the middle of doing a LM7 swap into my '79 K20 with a 4l60e and it turns out the LM7 I got needs a rebuild. So while it's apart I'm thinking of doing a cam swap and possibly porting/polishing. I know it would be simpler and possibly cheaper to find a low mileage 6.0 but I'm going to stick with the 5.3.

I had a 1500HD with the 6.0 and I loved how that thing had torque for days... so I'm going mainly for upgrades to bump up the torque of the 5.3. I'd like to be at high 300's or low 400's at the flywheel in the torque department.

Anyone out there have recommendations how to achieve that number? From what I've read I'm thinking the right cam and some long tube headers should get me pretty close to that, but I'm not sure if the porting is a good idea or not. If it had a little idle lope that wouldn't be the end of the world either.


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