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lloyd elliot ported heads

This is a discussion on lloyd elliot ported heads within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Didn't see an LT1 section but I guess it'll get moved if there is one. 97 m6 trans am with ...

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    lloyd elliot ported heads

    Didn't see an LT1 section but I guess it'll get moved if there is one. 97 m6 trans am with full bolt ons: headers/ORY/etc... I'm looking at staying N/A and going for 375-400 rwhp. I decided to get heads and cam done. After looking around at heads for a while it seems like the LE2 package ported heads and intake Lloyd Elliot offers would be just my cup of tea. The thing is he offers a bunch of cams as well and I'm wondering if I should get one from him or I could find one that would work better from somewhere else. So basically the question is with those heads what cam should I get, and what other parts do I need to buy for this project. I'm totally new at doing anything inside the engine so I appreciate any help. If it helps this car is my daily driver so I'm not going for a huge cam. I want a cam that will improve performance through most of the rpm range, not one of those 3k and up deals. I like to launch and do dumb stuff in it and mainly street races. I know I'll lose a little gas mileage but I want to keep it as healthy as possible...but sacrifices must be made for the sake of speed O_O
    Heres the page with the LE2 package and all it comes with if that helps.

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    Give them a call. You could use one of their cams or I think they can help you with a custom grind also. You will also want to replace the rockers and pushrods and a new timing chain. Maybe even the lifters. When you have the cam out it might be a good idea to replace your opti and waterpump so you don't have to remove them again.

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