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lifter holding tool

This is a discussion on lifter holding tool within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hello, I am in the process of removing a cam in my 99. I am using 5/16 steel rod to ...

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    lifter holding tool

    Hello, I am in the process of removing a cam in my 99. I am using 5/16 steel rod to hold the lifters up. My problem is on the drivers side I cannot for the life of me get the rod to slide in all the way, it only goes in about half way then hits something solid. I have used a pen magnet to pull the lifters up and they seem like they are up all the way. Any ideas as to what I am hitting? I am getting really frustrated. I am also curious as to how the rod (lifter tool) is actually holding the lifter. Does it just wedge against the side of the lifter or under it.


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    I was going to suggest a pen magnet, or a sort.

    The tool is catching the seat of the lifter. Correct me if Im wrong.

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    I just upgraded my cam yestaday, so I used a pen magnet to pull the lifters out as far as they would go, then I just pulled them completely out by hand (if the magnet didn't)

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    I'm having the same problem tonight, I can't get the rod to go into te drivers side. With a pen light is looks like at the lifters are up. How much can I force it in?

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    i wouldn't force it much at all. i can't imagine anything good coming from it, just based on working knowledge of how the parts fit together.

    when you cut the 5/16" rod, did you cut the ends at an agle? preferrably a steep one, so as to help left them up the last tiny bit if needed . . . just wondering. i thought that was how it was supposed to be done.
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