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L92 Heads & Intake

This is a discussion on L92 Heads & Intake within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey, just wondering about the L92 Heads, I've heard they won't work with my engine,(2000 LS1), if not, then why? ...

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    L92 Heads & Intake

    Hey, just wondering about the L92 Heads, I've heard they won't work with my engine,(2000 LS1), if not, then why? What about the intake? It apparently comes with a set of 36lb. injectors, fuel rails, a 90mm throttle body, all this for about $500, is this a simple bolt on? Has anyone used this combo, if so, what kind of horsepower increase? Both come factory on the 6.0L Tahoe L76 engines, and the heads are supposed to flow 330cfm's. Thanks!

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    Well the L92 heads were designed around a 4 inch bore, something the LS1 doesn't have.

    There was talk about designing a pair that would work on the small bore of the LS1,,,but I have yet to see any,,,and would be willing to bet that flow numbers would suffer anyway.

    In my opinion these heads are way too large for a smallish LS1 motor,,,just not enough cubic inches to take advantage of those large intake ports,,,reminds me of the old cleveland 4 barrel heads,,,,just too big for a little 351,,,and the motors suffered down low as a result,,,not what you really want on the street.

    330 cfm is not that hard to reach with other heads. CNC ported LS6 heads from several suppliers advertise nearly this much flow and they are doing it with smaller ports,,,thats what you want in a street car,,,the most flow with the smallest ports creates velocity and better throttle response and a much more driveable package.

    I know the price looks tempting and they are cheap enough,,,but I personally wouldn't use them unless I was building "AT LEAST" a 400 cubic inch or larger motor.

    I saw a dyno session where they bolted the L92 heads onto a 6.0 litre (364 CI) and it didn't start making decent power until 5,000 rpms and on up,,,,that sucks unless you run 4.88 gears and want to wind the crap out of the motor. There goes your drivability,,,unless you like that sort of thing.
    Sounds like a Cleveland to me

    Sorry for rambling but thats just my take on them. Kudos for GM making a big set of heads at an affordable price,,,but I would reserve them for the larger stroker motors. Hope that helps. Larry.

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