hey guys my car is going under construction need help on a cam,i want a big cam that will put out most power i just dont know how big i should go here is what ill have i will have the valve train to go with the cam send me links to cams you think will be good for what i have

TrickFlow heads 62cc Chamber, 195cc Intake Runner, high-flow 195cc intake ports, 75cc exhaust ports, and 62cc combustion chambers,2.020 in. intake/1.600 in. exhaust ,

forged dish pistons and rods that will lower my compression to 9.1 to 9.5

P1SC procharger with dule intercooler, with custom tune

suff i already have is 42lb injectors, proted intakmanifold, 58mm throttle body, mid tube headers, full exhaust, 4.10 gears, drag launch springs, MSD ignition, up to 150 shot of nitrouse but once procharger comes it wil not be used, maybe a few smaller things but i cant think of them, and its on a 93 LT1