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Heads cam question

This is a discussion on Heads cam question within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Im planning on doing heads and cam install on my 98 z28 soon. Its an M6 car. 3.73 moser. Pacesetter ...

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    Heads cam question

    Im planning on doing heads and cam install on my 98 z28 soon. Its an M6 car. 3.73 moser. Pacesetter LT's off road y thru magnaflow. BMR lca's and phb and ta. Shocks lowered on a pro kit. Lid, short throw, hypertech, Free mods.

    My delima is this. Im eventually going to swap out the ls1 for a lq4/9 for the long run potential. But for now, my funds are limited. I would prefer the setup to be perfectly compatable with both, but preferablly complementing the 6.0L. Im wanting to spray a 150 shot when its all said and done. Will see the track from time to time, but mostly the Mexico highway

    I have a set of stock 243's that i plan of having them worked over by somebody. I just dont know who. Point me in a good direction. Should i look to mill them for compression? Anyway to mill for both 5.7 and 6.0?
    Im looking to keep good drivability as far as the cam goes. How are the Torquer v2, v3 and f13 cams? Is there a better choice for my 243s? Will be ordering all supporting mods as well. Springs, PR, Oil pump, TC, ect
    I was thinking an ls6 intake since i will be on a 98 LS1 for the time being. I wont be revving past 6,200 to keep the bottom end intact.
    What Clutch would hold the power but keep be street friendly on the street?

    Also, what would be the overall cost of the HCI, clutch, labor, tune, ect on the ls1? Im trying to keep this on a budget since i already have the heads. Would i save on this build if I installed the heads and cam myself? Im sure i have all the tools. Ive only swapped out my rearend and exhaust. would this be a good idea for a "beginner" or should i leave it to the real mechanics? THanks.

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    Switching heads and a cam from a smaller engine to a larger one is always a compromise. The 243's would work well enough on either engine. As far as compression, the 243's should already have a 64cc combustion chamber. This will bump compresson to 10.5:1 on an LS1 engine. If you plan to install these heads on a 6.0 then I wouldn't mill them, as they will bump compression on the 6.0 even higher than the LS1 (without milling) you would wind up with 11:1 or more. Unless you plan to taylor the compression ratio with the pistons on the 6.0 build??
    Either way, as far as head porting, sending them off to TEA is a good option with excellent results.

    Camshaft is what gets tricky. A cam in the 346 will be sucked up by the 364. There really is no good single choice that would accomplish the same thing in both engines. You would either have to live with a cam that is slightly larger than you care to deal with in the 346 or deal with something that is rather tame when you stick it in the 364.
    I prefer the latter, as it will build more low end torque when installed in the 364 and would be a fun street engine, especially since you only have 3.73's.

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