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heads and cam insight needed

This is a discussion on heads and cam insight needed within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Lookin thru some post on here for the right H/C package. Right now all i have are LT's with TSP ...

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    heads and cam insight needed

    Lookin thru some post on here for the right H/C package. Right now all i have are LT's with TSP duals, LID, K/N filter, VIG stall, 9 inch with 4.11 gears. Wanting to stay with the stock bottom half for now, and do not want to fly cut my pistons due to nitrous. If i went with the PRC 2.5 5.3 heads and a MS3 cam, later when i do decide to build a short block what is the most cubes you can go on the 5.3 heads?

    Or would i be better off with the LS6 heads from TSP? What are the differences between the stage 1 LS6 and the stage 2 LS6 heads? Mt thoughts of short blocks down the road where one of these a 383 or 426.

    This will be a weekend street/strip car. Goals in the future are to be a high to mid 10's on motor then spray 175 shot.

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    If your wanting to put the heads on a larger cubed motor later on then the 5.3 heads are NOT the heads you want to run. Anything from a 225cc+ head will work best for larger cubes. Unfortunately, you will loose low end torque with the heads on the stock cube motor. Look toward the AFR or TrickFlow heads. It's a bit more money but they will flow better which will definitely help you for your later goals of larger cubes. If you want a car that runs better on nitrous your gonna want to raise your compression ratio. That means you'll want to get milled heads. Thats where large cams become a problem. Durations of 230+ will now have PTV clearance issues and that's where flycutting the pistons comes in. You can avoid this by having a smaller cam. Somewhere in the 224-230 range will allow you to avoid flycutting, but you won't build as much power on motor, but should run well on nitrous.

    You can't really just slap a good combo on a stock cubed motor and expect it to be a good combo also for larger cubed motors. If your looking for good heads right now and will work with a 383 I would recommend the stage 2.5 LS6 heads for a budget build. PRC and Patriot have some good budget heads. I'd recommend a 228/230 cam with the 59cc heads for good power from your motor right now and works well with nitrous and will avoid flycutting. If you go to larger cubes, you'll have to go to a larger cam and will want better flowing heads.
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    I would save some money and buy the AFR heads.

    Then I would call Cam Motion and get a custom ground cam to the head flow #'s and the rest of YOUR cars exact specs. Not a off the shelf grind.

    That's my 2 cents. With that combo you should be able to hit mid-low 10's on 175 shot.
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