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5 trips to the track is a fair amount for what is considered mainly a dedicated street car. Since you have a 3rd pedal I'd certainly be concerned with the rearend. I've scattered those things on regular street tires. Had one that let go and took the transmission with it as it shoved the driveshaft forward, damn near wrecked the car in the process.

If funds don't allow it right now, then I'd definately keep the 3.73's in there. If you install 4.10's in a little 7.5, your gear contact goes down the toilet and significantly weakens that rearend. With 4.10's you only have 1 1/2 teeth in contact at any given time with that small 7.5" ring gear diameter. With 3.73's you at least have 2 teeth contacting at any given time.
Bottom line is that steeper gears don't mix well in rearends that have tiny ring gear diameters, because the pinion shrinks in diameter in the process.

Personally I'd drive somewhat gingerly on it with that new motor combination until you can afford to shove a 12-bolt/9-inch in there, and I definately wouldn't be putting any sort of sticky tire on the car....at all until then.

Keep in mind those T56's aren't bullet proof either. If you take it to the strip and really drive it like you mean it, they do snap output shafts from time to time, a weak link in the trans since GM stuck with the tiny 350 turbo sized output in these things. So high rpm clutch dumps with a car that hooks eventually brings that to light. Sincro's also leave alot to be desired in these trannys. They are nice cruiser transmissions with the overdrive, and definately increase the fun factor on the street, but serious track use starts to show weaknesses, they definately need some internal rework to be reliable in that scenario.
I'll agree with you on the rear end side of things but April to November I don't foresee it going out with it being a secondary vehicle. I put maybe 4k miles on it this summer and next is gonna be even less because of my new commute to work. Next winter will call for trans and rear end. I see some beefed up t56's in my price range and the rear will see a 12 bolt eventually....right now I'm focused on the top end build.