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Have a couple questions

This is a discussion on Have a couple questions within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Hey guys, Im kinda new here, I have a 98 Camaro that has a ls1 with higher miles on it, ...

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    Have a couple questions

    Hey guys, Im kinda new here, I have a 98 Camaro that has a ls1 with higher miles on it, I have a 6.0 lq9 motor sitting in my garage along with L92 heads that Im wanting to swap into the car. I was wondering what parts are going to be my best bang for the buck, like pistons, rods,cam,intake, and since they both have a 24x reluctor wheel am I going to have to replace the crank or can I keep 6.0 one. As for drivablilty its going to be my weekend toy, so what would be the biggest cam you would recommend since I have the L92 heads already.

    Any help will be great guys, Thanks, Josh

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    The L76 will be your best bang for the buck on intake. With a 6.0 and the L92's I'm sure it will like the Magic stick 4 or something of that size. You'll have excellent flowing heads and more cubes so it should also help to make it more streetable. Shouldn't have to change cranks over just get the plug in harness that shanges over the reluctors and relocate the knock sensors. This will be my plan as well so I'll be watching in intrest. What did you give for the LQ9 BTW if ya don't mind me asking? You can buy stroker kits for it starting at 1800 for the complete rotating assembly to take the guesswork out of it.

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    the lq9 is identical to the ls1 in almost all ways. youll just need to drill and tap a bolt hole for the alt bracket, unless you do like me and only use 2 bolts on mine. no relocating the knock sensors or anything.

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    I also want to do the same thing (LQ9 with L92's) so Please let me know how it turns out!!
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