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good idea for a sticky?

This is a discussion on good idea for a sticky? within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; just a suggestion, i know a lot of questions seem to get asked about "what cam is streetable" and so ...

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    good idea for a sticky?

    just a suggestion, i know a lot of questions seem to get asked about "what cam is streetable" and so forth...someone who knows a lot about cams (such as NOT me ) should do a write up on like what the numbers mean (lift, duration, etc) and what the ranges are. just a suggestion, and i know it would be a lot of help to me too!

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    had the same idea once.

    Cam sticky?

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    The technical jargon ) I can now sorta follow after reading the guides etc..

    But then they all refer to based on your application etc.

    It wouldbe nice for the non-informed people If there was an explaination in regards to the lopes and ramps and the same ramps vs split ramps in regards to the manners of the cam and the hp/tq.

    I think I have a basic understanding of the lopes issue with regards to the idle choppiness and the sound etc.

    I guess I got a grasp of the duration concept for being how long the intake or exhaust valves are open..

    but I am at a total loss for why ramps are split. I get the basic picture of the higher the ramp # the more basic power you can get and the bigger numbers usually give bigger power int he upper rpm range.

    Going on the above idea, does that mean a split ramp cam can give power at both ends of the rpm range? ie. a 224/230 112 cam will give good low-mid range hp/tq as well as high end? Would that apply the same as a 230/224 112? This is where I am at a loss. I dont understand how they affect the hp/tq, the sound, and drivability of the cams vs. the same ramp cams.

    Anyone able to put a lost dog int he right direction?

    Doesnt seem the cam guides explain how split cams vs same ramp rate cams differ..


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