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Good Cam, Stall and other things.

This is a discussion on Good Cam, Stall and other things. within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I am new here and I have been doing a lot of reading around on the forums.. I have just ...

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    Good Cam, Stall and other things.

    I am new here and I have been doing a lot of reading around on the forums.. I have just got my Z28 and I haven't driven it yet because the engine is not in it..

    It's a 383 and it currently has an LPE GT11 on it.. a lot of people have been saying that the GT11 is a nice good cam for the street, does a nice rumble but not as crazy as the MS3... The previous owner has sold the stall converter so I need to get a new one.. (In your opinion what would you personally choose and why?)

    What's a good stall to accompany an automatic tranny with a 3.73 diff and a GT11 cam rumbling inside?...

    And what's a good stall to accompany an MS3..

    I'm looking for consistent amount of power and torque all the way to the redline ..

    This is my first ever american car and I am not well aware of the technicality in this car and how it operates completely...

    The car already has a Ceramic Coated headers and I have been opted for Powder Coated headers.. I know google is my best friend with this.. but under personal experience which do you think is better overall??

    That's it for the questions now... I would appreciate your technical and professional feedback regarding this...

    I need to do a lot of reading to understand those engines.. if there are any articles for dummies about LSXs please refer them over here!

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    ceramic coated headers are just fine but the finish will start to show age pretty quicky depending on the brand. if you have the coin a set of kooks stainless headers will be about as good as you can get.

    im not sure what the specs are the the gt11 cam but if its around the same size as the ms3 a 3600 convertor should do the trick. i reccommend yank or circle d just because they are good quality. ive got a 3400 convertor and a tsp 228 r in mine and it pulls all they way to red line so im sure a 3600 would make you happy
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    First of all, thank you for having good grammer and spelling.

    ceramic vs powder coat doesnt have any performance differences, only in longevity and aesthetics.

    I drive a stick, so no personal stall experience here, but I know Yank tends to be a very popular brand, and as far as which one, that depends on your goal for the car. Thats also a fairly heavy cam, that from what i remember, makes more power up a little higher, so i would prob go with a 3600 stall.

    But keep in mind, I'm only speaking from what I've seen on here, no personal experience

    and FYI, the biggest factor in getting a cammed car to run well, is the tune

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    Good all around street stall is a 3600....thats what I have, sometimes though I wish I went even your probably safe w/ 3600-4000...

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