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Foam pads under LS intake?

This is a discussion on Foam pads under LS intake? within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Originally Posted by AKIRA Hmm, Ive done this install/uninstall over 4 times and I never used something like that. And ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKIRA View Post
    Hmm, Ive done this install/uninstall over 4 times and I never used something like that.

    And I am no mechanic...
    Yeah for all those interested GM High Tech Performance did an article when they put on a FAST 78mm LSX manifold with the motor inside the car, for those interested. I forget which month but I can find a link if anyone would like it. They said all you have to do is get it far enough up to slide the manifold out. I just chose to do it that way for 2 reasons, I disobeyed the cardinal shadetree mechanic rule and read the instructions that came with the new manifold LOL J/K, and the other I believed it would be easier to get the manifold in without it in the way. Two sidenotes for people changing one of these manifolds that don't have instructions. Make sure that you lift the back of the manifold on the drivers side so as to not break the oil sending unit that sticks up back there. Also my instructions from FAST said not to drag the manifold across the heads. My guess this is to keep the gaskets that seal the intake ports from unseating. Also a few pointers you might want to cut a few pieces of rubber tubing in inch long sections (split down the side) to keep the bolts up out of the way as the manifold goes in. The bolts that will be underneath the cowl have to be in before sliding it back because there isn't enough clearance to get them in afterwards. Also watch your knuckles on that cowl or you will look like you have been in a fight with a mountain lion.
    If anyone that is about to do this install for the first time, it is not really hard or overly time consuming. I still have the instructions for my FAST manifold, they should be very similar to any OE manifold, if anyone would like a scan. I am sure others on here have them too. Also there is the GMHTP article. It is an interesting read and it gives you the other way to skin the cat.

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    My friend and I took the stocker off, reinstalled the Weiand, turned on the car and saw some coolant leakage. It was now night fall and my friend he wanted to go right back in there and do it all over again instead of waiting for the morning. We did it again in half the time.

    Then when my LS6 coolant lines/blockers came in the mail, I went back in again, this time alone and still made good time.

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