In April, Stevie's Crazy Garage (SCG) will launch a crowd funding project on Indiegogo()com in April. There are 3 main reasons to show this on LS1. 1) Announce the development of a Flat Crankshaft Kit including the crankshaft, rods, pistons, camshafts, bearings, and dampener. And for the most horsepower in the future, a standing wave variable intake manifold. The first kits will be racing only and limited to 3 Sell on Monday (American) cranks. 2) www()steviescrazygarage()com needs feedback for the design of the kit. On the website there is a Future Project tab, under this is a tab called FlatFast Crankshafts™. Under this tab is a questionnaire: a) What American V-8 engine would you like to see a flat crank for, b) These cranks will spin at close to 9000 RPM, Would you like to see a Chevy rod journal of 2.1" or 2.0" (2.0" has a slower bearing speed, but adds cost), c) Are you interested in seeing a flat crankshaft kit for racing, street, or both, and finally, 3) Provide an example for horsepower enthusiasts to develop products on their own with a limited funding source. SCG needs feedback from the LS1 community to build the best product available and help drive the future for horsepower fanatics everywhere. SCG will have the answers back early next month. Replace () with period if interested.