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A few cam questions

This is a discussion on A few cam questions within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; I come from the realm of old school motors, specifically BBC's. I am debating on whether to put a TD ...

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    A few cam questions

    I come from the realm of old school motors, specifically BBC's. I am debating on whether to put a TD exhaust on my '00 Z, or cam it. I had a few questions about the cams though.

    Someone said something about a 110 LSA being too tight for the street? Is this particular to the LS1? I have an .600" Solid Roller on a 108LSA in my Chevelle, but I'm guessing that is a completely different animal.

    Where do teh stock heads fail? I mean, if I go with a decently sized cam, and the appropriate springs and push rods, at what point will teh heads actually be hurting the combo? I don't want to spend the money to have a poor running combo down the road.

    I saw a lot of the cam's have an operating range up to about 6800rpm. I know the stock limiter is set to 6100, but how high can a stock bottom end go before blowing?

    Lastly, how much of an improvement is a stock LS6 cam over one out of an LS1?

    Thanks a lot,

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    I ran the ls6 cam with 1.8 rockers and ran pretty good.( low 11's ) They have a 117 lobe seperation making a smooth idle. ( sleeper ) Now I run the compcams 571 lift with 112 seperation on stock bottom. 10.79's w/ 150 dry shot. Go through the traps at 7200 rpm. The only thing I could see being an issue for your cam, is the flat top pistons not having valve releifs...

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    I was flipping through a magazine the other day that had a huge section on chosing which cam is right for whichever combo. I have been wanting to go back and read it again and if it is really good maybe buy the mag, but I haven't had the chance. I believe it had the contact info to the major cam companies customer service. I know in the end it said they like to talk to you about your application that way they can figure in vehicle weight, gearing and so on. When I did the head and cam swap on my firehawk, the mechanic put it to me this way you can go it alone and pick your own cam or they can grind you one to the specs you decide when they talk to you about where you want the power band, either way it is the same price.
    I have heard that the you can run the rpms to 6800 everyday and not hurt the bottom end as long as you replace springs, retainers so forth. I am not a fan of the stock lifters. A buddy of mine is replacing his valvetrain now because of one of his turned sideways. Also I am not a fan of Comp Cams, because of my head swap the shop had my car in and out because their lifters would not stay pumped up. I tried two sets from Comp about half would stay pumped up and when you held the rpms at a midrange rev, say 3000 rpms, you could hear a hum from the engine starting loud enough to hear inside the car then getting louder and softer all on its own. The shop finally got tired of messing with Comp and so they put a set from Lunati in and I haven't heard any problems this is nearly a year later. If it were me I would go with Lunati for the stuff, but that is my $0.02.

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