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I was thinking my ORY was hitting the floor creating false knock had it closely inspected by a muffler man and there happened to be an LS1 expert there at the time either could see the exhaust contacting however I do hear it contacting very rarely and only at idel when I feel it inside.

when I know something is wronge and I have it inspected the car makes me look like an asshole and behaves.

as far as a nice software log, I can detect the ping at real high RPMs then just look at the tach.

?. the co. that made the old style mass air flow translators also made a timer

was this timer inteeded for NOS applications? or is this an inexpensive way to retard the timing a few degrees?

I'm not familiar with any MAF translators or timers. I run the stock MAF's on both of our 4th gens.

If you are referring to your mods in the previous highlighted post,,,then your combo is very similar to my wifes car with the exception I run the LS6 intake instead of a Fast.
On her tune, I had timing at 26 degrees in the upper sections of the table at WOT, with an AFR of 12.8 and 94 octane it was fine. I may have gotten away with more timing since it has a mild camshaft, but I never tried.

Living here now with only 91 octane I was getting 2-3 degrees of knock in just a few of the upper rpm tables. So I pulled 2 degrees out (now at 24) and it seems to have subsided,,,with only a few blocks that pop up and show 1 degree of knock. I don't even worry about that.

I'd make sure your AFR is straight first, somewhere in the 12.6-12.8 range to be safe. That's where I like to see it on a street car running crappy pump gas. I'd rather give up a few ponies and keep my pistons.