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engine balancing

This is a discussion on engine balancing within the Internal Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Just bought a short block. It looks good and clean. The problem i have now is it was a third ...

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    engine balancing

    Just bought a short block. It looks good and clean.

    The problem i have now is it was a third party trade from one guy to pay for another item. Now I have it and it has been freshly rebuilt with forged pistons and h beam rods on a stock crank.

    I am concerned about the balance of it all since the seller did not know much history and when asking the previous owner the information is now much either.

    Can I just weigh the rod and piston sets and be good or do i need a shop to do the complete rotating assembly together and make sure the sets are balanced to the crank?

    I know these engines are sensitive to this and need to be close to a perfect balance as possible. any help would be great.

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    Imho take it to a machine shop.. Weighing them will tell you what they weigh but you'll have no way to make the nessasary changes if there's a difference unless you own the equiptment required for balancing. Good luck..

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